Weighed in this morning at a hefty 157 pounds.  Well may not be considered obese, and it isn’t the most I have ever weighed, but needless to say it is not a weight I am happy with.  Time to do something about it right?  My fiance has been doing the Body By Vi Challenge now for a few months, and I have been off and on.  Last week, for instance, I was in the Philippines on business.  Didn’t get to take any shake mix with me so I figured I would add 15 lbs to my gut while I was over there.  I didn’t, but that is probably because I am scared of half the food.

At any rate this weekend I did the routine all weekend.  An awesome shake for breakfast, another and different shake for lunch.  For dinner didn’t really pay specific attention to what I was eating, just made sure to control the portions of it.  Was I fatter on Saturday than I am today?   Well, I don’t know if I had a 2 day transformation but let’s just say today is the official start.  I will try to take some before pictures to post somewhere, though that may deter people from even reading this damn thing.  I am off to KC on Saturday to a convention of Visalus users so I figure I better be a firm supporter of the product by then.

What I am planning to do:

1.  Shake for breakfast (which I will be sharing the shake recipes here).

2. Shake for Lunch

3. Morning workout

4. 64 oz of water per day

5. Have to take my thyroid pill for hypothyroid (which you may not have to do)

6. For dinner, just be cautious of what I am eating.  I know for a fact that I can’t just give up everything I have ever ate, that would last about one day.  I do, however know that my appetite on the shakes comes under control.  The shakes give plenty of nutrition so I feel good.

Honestly, and I attribute it mostly to the B12 in the shakes, I have more energy every day I have them.