Here is what I have for lunch all the time when doing Visalus.

First off you need a blender bottle.  You can get them at GNC for like $10, GET THE BIG ONE:


Blender Bottle Colors


Next you get Fruit and Protein Silk, there are a few different flavors:


I have one of those water bottles with the Ice Pack inside it for work (get the 32 oz size).  Keeps the Silk cold until lunch so I don’t even need a refrigerator.  I bought mine for like $4 at Wal-Mart.  I did 2 things.


#1 – I took the ice pack thing out of the water bottle.  It looks like this:

Freeze this over night.  In the morning we are going to put 8 oz Fruit and protein Silk in the blender bottle, drop this ice pack thing (after you freeze it overnight) into your blender bottle.  Put the wire ball on top that comes with your blender bottle.  Take that wherever you are going where you won’t have access to a blender to make a shake, but still want flavor.  Don’t forget your two scoops of Visalus Sake Mix (put it in a small ziploc bag).


#2 – Don’t waste the water bottle.  Even though I only wanted the ice pack out of it, the water bottle comes in handy to make sure you are drinking your 64 Oz of water.  I totally stole this idea, but if you take the water bottle and mark it off like this:


Then you just check it and make sure you stay ahead of the time.  Anyway I will try to do a Youtube video and embed this as I get ready tomorrow so you can see all the steps.   Here is a quick recap:


1. Big Blender Bottle from GNC ($10)

2. Water bottle with built in icepack that is removable Wal-Mart ($5) marked as shown above by the hour (8 oz per hour) ice pack thing removed and frozen overnight.

3. 2 Scoops of Visalus Shake Mix

4. 8 oz Silk Fruit and Protein (Peach Mango is my favorite)



1.  Take wire thing out of blender bottle, add 8 oz Silk Fruit and Protein, drop in Ice Pack thing from freezer, and wire ball, put lid back on blender bottle ensure closed well.

2.  Fill water bottle marked off by the hour and make sure you stay ahead of the clock all day.

3.  When time comes to make shake, open blender bottle, remove ice pack, add Body By Vi shake mix, leave wire ball in, shake and consume.

4.  Loose weight and feel great!