You know as well as I do that the best programs in weight loss out there have two different things that make the successful, maybe even 3, sometimes 4.  I want to cover each one of these in general, and then talk a little about the Visalus 90 day challenge, and why you should get involved if you are not.

The first key aspect to any weight loss program is a diet right?  Well I want to use the term diet lightly, because I don’t want to lead anybody down the path of the negative feelings we all get when we hear the word diet.  A lot of folks think about what they eat on a daily basis and imagine how hard it would be to give all that up.  Most of the successful diet plans still let you have some of that stuff, but the key is moderation.  The problem is we all have a hard time disciplining ourselves to get to that moderation.  For instance the 4 hour body gives you a cheat day once a week, which seems like the perfect day, the problem is sticking to a very tough diet the other 6 days is nearly impossible.  On top of that if any of you have a family like I do, a lot of these diets require me to prepare 2 meals.  One for me, and one for everyone else.  Now there is no way you are going to stick to that for the long term.

The second key aspect are usually supplements.  Now not all weight loss plans include supplements, some weight loss plans simply just make you eat better which replaces the supplements.  Some, though I don’t think they are good, are solely built around just supplements.  You can buy a ton of diet pills at the local Wal Greens or Wal-Mart that promise to shave the weight right off of you if you just take the magic pill.  Let me be the first to tell you I don’t believe in the magic pill, and I am not about to say that the Visalus 90 day challenge is that magic pill so you should keep reading.

The third possible key is a work out plan.  When I think of this I think of programs like p90x.  This is solely a video series of workouts that comes with a “meal plan” which again is targeted towards people who want to build lean muscle.  Now, I have nothing bad to say about things like p90x, they will work if you can stick to them.  The problem is the workouts are very tough if you aren’t currently in shape, and by the time you get good at them you will probably dread doing them.  That also brings me to my last point which is…

Accountability.  It is so hard when you are working out or losing weight by yourself to remain accountable.  Think about it, nobody knows if you slug down that big gulp and that bag of Doritos from the gas station when you are fueling up.  Nobody knows that you just didn’t work out for the last several days and that is why you haven’t lost weight.  Nobody knows that you aren’t drinking enough water so you maintain your gut.  Even going out telling people doesn’t always help because the problem becomes that you just either avoid those people, or feel guilty because you are secretly betraying them by having a milkshake.

So here is why I recommend the Visalus 90 Day Challenge as a pristine “diet” plan.  First off the meal plan is easy.  Remember back in like the late 80s when Tommy Lasorta used to promote Slim Fast?  Just two shakes a day for breakfast and lunch and a sensible meal for dinner and I look freaking great!  Well, we are bringing that back.  That’s our meal plan, but the Body By Vi Shakes are so much more nutritious compared to the old Slim Fast.  Plus, the shake tastes like cake so it is much easier to put down.  As a matter of fact there are a ton of body by vi recipes out there to help you have variety in your diet.  That shake covers both your diet and your supplements, when you pick a challenge kit you can pick the kit that most meets your needs whether you need to lose a ton of weight or just maintain.  The nice thing is the workout plan is optional.  I help my team all the time with workout plans, and there are plenty of very fit people on Visalus who will be willing to help you too.  I mean, after all the better you look the more we all make.

Lastly, there is this big accountability piece.  Let me tell you why the Visalus 90 Day Challenge is Different.  First of all, you enter it with friends.  The whole idea is to enter a 90 day challenge, then get 3 friends to enter with you so you get your Visalus challenge kit for free.  Secondly to keep you motivated they give away over 25 million dollars in prizes every single year to challenge winners.  Lastly, the better you look the easier it is to grow your business.  That’s right if you are a challenge promoter, and you go from looking like Rosanne to looking like Megan Fox or from John Candy to Johnny Depp then people are going to naturally ask what it is that you did.  Your response at that time is… I am so glad you asked, let me tell you about Body by Vi and the 90 day challenge.

So, in short, commit to 90 days to improve your life.  Get your challenge started right away, if you want help starting your challenge or want more information, call me at 417-894-4909 today or visit this website.